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Dress for the job you want

I had a realization that I’ve heard three different people say this to me or within ear shot of me in the last several weeks. When I notice repetition or patterns, it usually makes me stop and wonder “why” I keep hearing it. So now this phrase, “dress for the job you want” has been on my mind. My quick gut reaction answer is “what job would allow me to wea...

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Last semester already?

When I started grad school for Instructional Design/Adult Learning, it seemed like it was going to take forever. And now... it's day 1 of the last semester. I'm so happy that I made the decision to do this. I love this work. Bring it ON last semester. Let's load up with lots of learning!

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Get uncomfortable. It's good for you.

It's been an interesting and VERY uncomfortable couple of years. I'm doing things I never would have expected and it turns out that jumping way out of my comfort zone has made that all possible. Upon further reflection, I've been so "uncomfortable" for so long that I think getting "comfortable" would be "uncomfortable." Still lots of growing and l...

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Yes. YOU can draw. And do you want to see how to make toast?

As a young kid, all I wanted to do was draw and color. My mother even set me up with my own little table and chairs and as much paper, crayons and markers that my heart desired. I would sit there all day. I loved it! But somewhere along the line, something changed. I pursued a fine arts degree in my undergrad but with the intention and focus of going into graphic design and working in the ad...

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Where Infographics Meet CARP - Analyzing an Infographic

This semester, I’m taking a class called Creative Designs for Learning (INTE 6710). We’re currently studying visual data – specifically Infographics, and the elements that make them effective. I believe, that with a little creativity and keeping the CARP (Contrast, Alignment, Repetition Proximity) guidelines in mind, that any topic can be successfully demonstrated in an infogr...

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My Dog Went Viral!

I’m taking a grad school class called “Producing Media for Learning,” and it’s been really fun. One of my assignments was to create a non-verbal video that explains how to do something in a 3-step process. I'd gotten a new stand up paddle board (SUP) over the summer and I was dying to get my dog Cleo, out there on it with me, but I never did. Until this class. Thi...

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I had no Apple watch and no iPhone AT THE SAME TIME and the world didn’t end!

I like to think that I’m not “one of those” people who can’t function without her devices and technical gadgets. Most of the time, I’m pretty good, but I got tested last week. And although it was hard for a few days… I survived! My Apple watch went first. I was sitting in a restaurant and the watch face just popped right off. My heart just about stopped a...

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Getting Over Myself

So here we are again ripping the band-aid off another thing that falls way outside of my comfort zone. Are you one of those people that cringes when you hear your voice on a recording? Or when you see yourself on video? I am. And it’s weird because in most areas of my life… I’m really good at not caring or wasting precious energy on what other people may (or may not) think...

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The Heat is ON

This is dedicated to my friends and family in Arizona. You guys are TOUGH. Last weekend in the Denver Colorado area, temps reached into the 90s. This “heat” was big news around here and I heard a lot of complaining. As an Arizona native, this made me laugh. Next week in AZ, temperatures will reach 120 degrees. Welcome to summer! Let’s talk about what hot means. Hot is...

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