by Michelle Sroda


Dress for the job you want

I had a realization that I’ve heard three different people say this to me or within ear shot of me in the last several weeks. When I notice repetition or patterns, it usually makes me stop and wonder “why” I keep hearing it.

So now this phrase, “dress for the job you want” has been on my mind. My quick gut reaction answer is “what job would allow me to wear jeans every day?” Upon further pondering I have concluded that the question I really need to answer is “what IS the job I want?”

I’ve asked a few people what it would mean to them to dress for the job they want. The interesting thing is, everyone I asked would be dressing for jobs that are completely unrelated to what they do for a living. I got answers like “an Orange Theory Fitness coach,” “a travel agent,” “a barista at Starbucks,” and “a dog walker.” 

I am so excited to be doing more work in the instructional design field these days, but I realize there are a lot of pathways within the field that I need to explore before I undoubtedly know where I want to place my focus. I’ve had a long and good career in creative and facilitation environments, and I know I’d like to honor that as well. 

Today, I’m dressing in a little bit of everything. I work onsite in a conservative, corporate, business-casual environment 3 days a week. I also work very casually in my comfy clothes at home with my own clients the other two days and on weekends. I used to work in very creative environments where the dress code was “anything goes, but the hipper the better.” 

I think for now I’ll just keep dressing for ALL the jobs.

Images by Kyle Hilton 


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  • Scott Lutz

    Scott Lutz

    I would dress like a "trail guide"!




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